The Corpus Science Symposium

Saturday 29 April
9:45am - 5:15pm (Symposium)
Followed by Dinner for those who have booked

The College will be hosting a one day symposium looking at the challenges facing science across the disciplines and the outlook for scientific discovery for the next 500 years.

The President, Prof Steve Cowley FRS, will lead a group of eminent scientists through a series of panel discussions. Topics will include Medicines of the Future, What’s the Matter with Matter and Frontiers of the Fundamentals. Senior Corpus Fellows will be joined by the following leaders in their fields:

Patrick Maxwell (Medicine, 1980) - Regius Professor of Physic, Cambridge
Beverley Patterson (Biochemistry, 1979) - Clinical Associate Director, Actavi
Charles Cockell (Biology, 1990) - Professor of Astrobiology, Edinburgh
George Smith (Materials, 1961) - Emeritus Professor of Materials, Oxford
Laurence Eaves (Physics, 1966) - Professor, School of Physics & Astronomy, Nottingham
Roger Barker (Medicine, 1980) - Professor, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Cambridge
Francesca Happé (Experimental Psychology, 1985) - Director of MRC Centre and Head of Department of SDGP, King’s College London
Morgan Sheng (Medicine, 1976) - Vice-President, Neuroscience and Molecular Biology, Genentech
Steve Croft (Physics, 1998) - Assistant Project Astronomer, Department of Astronomy, Berkeley
John Womersley (Nuclear Physics, 1983) - Chief Executive of the Science and Technology Facilities Council
Peter Cowling (Maths, 1986) - Professor, Department of Computer Science and the Centre for Complex Systems Analysis, York
Raymond Orbach (Outside Tutor, 1960-61) - Cockrell Family Dean’s Chair for Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
Rob Matthews (Physics, 1978) 
- Science Journalist (former Science Correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph)

Lunch is included and the day will conclude with a three course dinner in Hall.

This event is for Old Members and current students only.
PRICE: Including dinner and refreshments: £70